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Casey Cardinia and the Melbourne Grammar connection

I have a collection of second hand books at home, amongst which is Liber Melburniensis 1858-1914. This is a record of all the boys who attended Melbourne Grammar in those years. The school started in 1858 and the first Head Master was the Reverend John Bromby, whom we have met before in this blog as the town of Gembrook is situated on land that was owned by the Reverend John Bromby. Bromby's five sons Christopher, Ernest, Edward Hippius, Frederick Jeremie and Robert Henry also attended the School

Left: Reverend John Bromby.
Johnstone, O'Shannessy & Co. from a lithograph by Fergusson & Mitchell. National Library of Australia, nla.pic-vn3600375

The first pupil at Melbourne Grammar was Edward A'Beckett, the son of Thomas Turner A'Beckett. Edward A'Beckett was the first cousin of W.A.C. (William Arthur Callendar) A'Beckett, the owner of The Grange, built 1866, at Harkaway.

The Grange, Harkaway. Photographer: John T. Collins.
Photo taken November 28, 1965. 
State Library of Victoria Image H97.250/134

Other boys who attended the School and have a Casey Cardinia connection (according to their address after leaving the School) are

A'Beckett, Gilbert Arthur Cecil  (b.1872) of Beaconsfield. Gilbert is the son of Edward Fitzhayley and Jane Deodata (nee Burke) A'Beckett.
A'Beckett, William Gilbert  (b. 1864), son of W.A.C. and Emma (nee Mills) A'Beckett of The Grange, Harkaway.
A'Beckett, Arthur Heywood  (b.1868) of Bunyip. Arthur is also a son of W.A.C and Emma A'Beckett. Arthur purchased a farm in Bunyip around 1895. 
Browne, Eric Cecil  (b.1890) of Beaconsfield 
Burke, Edward Francis (b.1857) of Tynong 
Courtney, William Wilson  (b.1876) of Narre Warren 
Drew, Michael Forristall  (b.1873) of Harkaway 
Fairchild, James Herbert  (b.1871) of Lang Lang
Kent, Robert Anthony  (b.1887), son of Anthony and Mary Ann (nee Hillbrich) of Oatlands, Narre Warren.Two of his brother Alfred and Norman died whilst serving in World War One and are on the Narre Warren War Memorial. 
Lyall, John Mickle Harewood  (b.1869) son of William and Annabella Lyall of Harewood,  Koo Wee Rup
Martin, Alexander Raynes (b.1892) of Tynong.
McGregor, John  (b.1872) son of Duncan and Margaret McGregor of  Dalmore, Koo Wee Rup 
Mein, Pultenay Warford  (b.1876) 
Mein, Douglas Warford  (b.1878) both of I.Y.U Station, Pakenham 
Robinson, William  (b.1865) of Beaconsfield 
Stone, Everard (b.1870) of Monomeith
Were, Clive Wellington   (b.1890) of Officer. Clive was Killed in Action at Gallipoli in World War One and is listed on the Officer Honor Board and the Memorial Gates at the Recreation Reserve (see here
Wilkins, George Alva  (b.1887) of Emerald 

This is the IYU  Homestead. It was built in 1859 and destroyed by fire around 1929.
Photograph from: In the wake of the pack tracks, published by the Berwick Pakenham Historical Society.

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