Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mystery Photograph

We have a number of photographs in our Archive, which we know nothing about, so I thought I would put them on the blog and see if anyone recognises the people in the photograph or even the event, so this is Mystery photograph Number 1. It is obviously a Scout Group, but that's all I can tell you.
PS - Thanks to people who commented on the photo (see below) so we know know this is the 1st Beaconsfield Scout Group, c. 1980s. When I put this post up I wrote that  "apart from the fact that I feel the distinguished looking man in the centre (the one not in uniform) may be Max Oldmeadow, who was the Member for Holt from 1972 to 1975" this is incorrect, he has been identified as John Pearson, who was  President of the Berwick Lions Club who had donated the tents for the Beaconsfield Scout group.

If you have any information about the photograph, then you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


Infolass said...

The uniform should have a badge stating the name of the group. Try "photo shopping" up close the female leader on the right hand side. Have you contacted any local scout groups? Perhaps they have websites which would make it easy to show them the photo. I am also thinking it might be a press photo. A presentation of new tents I would guess. I would also definetly confirm the ID of your VIP which may narrow down your dates. Good luck

Edditor Clyde History said...

Mystery Photo.

Sorry to disappoint you.
The gentleman (without the scout uniform) is NOT Max Oldmeadow.

How do I know? Mr Max Oldmeadow was one of my teachers at Dandenong High School and the man in the suit is NOT him.

Heather said...

Thank you for the comments about the picture - I have just sent it to a local scout group. I don't know why I thought it was Mr Oldmeadow, it's just that as soon as I saw the photograph - his name popped into my mind. Hopefully my mystery photo will not remain a mystery for too long!

Linda said...

Just a couple of thoughts. The man in scout uniform who is shaking hands with the man is civvies has just been invested. He is not wearing section tabs etc. The man on the other side of the one in civvies is district staff - possibly even the district commissioner (or District Scout leader), as he is wearing a district scarf, not a group scarf. It is not all that old a photograph - I would have a guess at 1980s.
The woman on the left is a cub leader (light shoulder tabs, or less like group leader), the woman next to her is also a district leader - it is a fairly high-ranking gathering. Leader on the right is also a cub leader or group leader.
Both the District Leaders are wearing both a Long Service and Meritorious Service award - so they should still be well-known to local leaders.
Amazing what you can see in a photograph!

Linda said...

And I should have added - the District Commissioner is also an ex-serviceman!

Heather said...

Thank you, Linda for those comments. I am still hoping to receieve a response from the Local Scouts, so I will keep you posted.

Andrew.T said...

The lady to the right of the 'civilian' is Jane Poulton. The man to the left is Alan ? He may be Alan Poulton but I am not 100% sure.
The boy kneeling at the back, 2nd from the right, is Jane's son.

Philip said...

It's not Max. Alan and Jane Poulton are indeed in this photograph. The lady on the left is Marg Brewster and the scout on the left is Andrew Brewster (my cousin). This is probably a Berwick troop, somewhere around 1980. I was in the 1st Berwick scouts in the mid 60's when Jim, Fred and Marguerite Allen were the stalwart leaders and were ably assisted by a young Wendy Watt

Jane Poulton said...

Hi Heather.
Thank you for saying the gentleman is distinguished as he was. He is my father, John Pearson and was president of the Berwick Lions Club who donated the tents for the Beaconsfield Scout group. Andrew is right about myself and Allan Poulton.
Jane Poulton

Paul Poulton said...

Wow. This Photo brings back memories from the hazy past.

I could be wrong, but I think this may be the relaunch of the 1st Beaconsfield Scout Troop from the early 80s.

1st Beacy only had cubs for many years with the Scout troop having fallen dormant.

Jane & Allan Poulton, John Pearson, and Marg and Andrew Brewster have been identified. Yes I'm the boy in the back row 2nd from the right.

The boy kneeling in the back row to the left was Darren Mitchell. His younger brother Glenn is to his diagonal left with his hands folded across the tent. Their father Jim Mitchell, is leader at the back 2nd from the right.

I think the sullen looking kid to the front right is my little brother Neil.

Most of the leaders had come from other existing troops in the Toomuc district but Allan Poulton was not previously a Scout leader before taking on the position of Scout Master for 1st Beaconsfield.

The District Commissioner I think might have been named Ray Wilton. Behind him to the right is Terry Comer. The chap next to Jim Mitchell I think might be Graham someone.

Heather said...

Dear Andrew, Phillip, Jane and Paul - thank you for your comments and the effort you have made to help demystify our mystery photograph.
Best wishses,

AndrewB said...

It's definately 1st Beaconsfield Scouts not long after restarting. A few of us went from Beacy Cubs to Upper Beacy Scouts and then came back down again once Scouts started up again. From left to right of the kids is me, Scott McGregor, Stuart McPhee (I think), my old mate Daren Mitchell, Scott Comer (I think),Glen Mitchell, not sure, Geoffrey?, Bruce Rushton, Stuart McLean, Paul and Neil Poulton and Brice Comer. We had the best tents in the district but unfortunately didn't win best camp site not long after this at the district camp. My guess would be 79/80. I have still got the uniform shirt I was wearing that day. It doesn't fit though!

Anonymous said...

Paul Poulton said he thinks that the leader next to Jim Mitchell (second from the right in the back row) might be Graham someone. The gentleman does indeed look like a much younger Graeme Bower

Anonymous said...

Paul Poulton said he thinks that the leader next to Jim Mitchell (second from the right in the back row) might be Graham someone. The gentleman does indeed look like a much younger Graeme Bower