Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lions of Berwick - Part 2

This is a series of Polaroid Instant Photographs that show the re-location of the lions from, what I believe was their original location close to the War Memorial in High Street, Berwick to an even closer location next to the War Memorial around 1985. You can read all about the lions here The photos are not of great quality, but they are interesting from an historic point of view and for showing the logistics of the installation.

You can read more about the Lions of Berwick here.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sustenance Applications for the Shire of Berwick and the Shire of Cranbourne

The Public  Records Office of Victoria www.prov.vic.gov.au  has just received a series of  records consisting of the applications for sustenance administered by various Shires under the provisions of the Unemployment Relief (Administration) Act 1932. We are fortunate that the records cover the Shire of Berwick, the Shire of Cranbourne and the Shire of Dandenong.

According to the PROV blog the applications for Sustenance forms contain-
applicant name, place of birth, address, age, usual trade, marital status, out of employment details, particulars of children and dependents,  information regarding assets or income,  investigation notes regarding application and application support documentation such as statements of income. You can read the full blog post here and the blog provides the links to the records. Sadly, the records are not yet digitised so you will need to visit the PROV to see the records.

There are 231 applicants for the Shire of Cranbourne and only 46 for the Shire of Berwick. I am surprised that  there is such a discrepancy between the two sets of records as I would have thought that they would have had similar populations and thus a similar amount of applications. I don't have any population figures for 1932, but in 1944 the Shire of Cranbourne was 8022  in population and the Shire of Berwick was 9950.  Of all the applicants there were three women who applied in their own right -  Celia Brown,  Daphne Jean Dixon and  Meg Wilde. There were also two married couples - Henry and Beatrice Pedersen and C.T. and P. Priestley who applied.

Shire of Berwick Applicants (VPRS 17877)

ALLAN, John George Montgomery (Date of Birth 25/04/1888)  ALLSOP, Frank Henry  (1897) BAKER, Herbert Frank (31/12/1894) BAKER, William (1888)  BARNES, James  (1902) BICKNELL, Charles Richard  (15/01/1886)  BOOTH, William  (15/12/1904) BOULD, Walter  (14/10/1886) BROUGH, William  (1897) BROWN, Archie Edward  (1902) BROWN, Celia  (1870) BROWN, Cyril  (31/08/1895)   BROWN, John  (1905)   BUCK, Ronald Arthur (11/03/1912)
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas Leslie (1885)  CAMPBELL, Clyde  (1896) CAMPBELL, Eric (1900) CARR, George  (1904) CARROLL, Denis  (29/01/1907) CASLEY, James Henry  (1895)
CHILDS, Leo  CLANCY, George   CLARKE, Ernest  (1897) CLINCH, Edward  (1880) COBBLEDICK, Robert William  (1891)  COLE, Gordon Keith ( 07/12/1900) CORBIN, Edward Albert  (01/10/1906) CORRY, John  (1885)  COWAN, Frederick William CUMMINS, Michael Francis  (1873 or 1875) CURLEY, James T   DALTON, Arthur Lionel (30/08/1909)
D’ANDREA, Guido  (1902) DANIEL, William Walter  (1914)  DAWES, John Cedric  (20/02/1915) DAWSON, Thomas Richard  (26/09/1898)  DEAN, J.H. DIXON, Daphne Jean  (1906) DODD, Frank Crichton  (1878) DOWLING, Joseph Henry  (28/11/1875) DUNLOP, Robert  (01/08/1902) FELTHAM, Robert Courtney  (24/12/1908) FOUNTAIN, J.A. FOX, Frederick Samuel (22/04/1884) HYDE, Thomas Alfred (15/10/1895) ROGERS, Alfred  (21/02/1896) Shire of Cranbourne Applicants (VPRS 17876)

ADAMS, Frederick George (1870)   ADDERLEY, William James (02/05/1903)     AGNEW, Thomas James ( 02/11/1905)  AGOSTA, Francesco Frank (27/04/1904)  AKISTER, Norman ( 1903) ALEC, John  (1891)  ALLARD, John Charles  (06/07/1899)     ALLEN, William Robert (1905)   ALLSOP, Edward William John (1908) ALLSOP, Harold Victor  (10/07/1911) ANDREWS, Harry  (06/05/1916) ASTON, Herbert W  ( 1905)      AXFORD, William Douglas (1909)                           BAILEY, John Wier (1913)    BALCHIN, J.S.      BALFOUR, William Scott (21/06/1888)             BARTLETT, John (1897)    BASSO, Eugenio (1903)     BAXTER, Norman Alexander (08/02/1910) BERTONCELLO, Settimo (1905)   BERTONCELLO, Settimo (1905)   BISHOP, George Juble (18/03/1887)   BLACK, Alfred   BLACK, Roy (1899)    BROUGHTON, Lemuel (Should this be Samuel?) ( 26/11/1912)  BOULD, Mervyn Earnest (1904)  BOULD, Roydon Dean (1907)   BOULD, Stanley Edward John (1908)  BRAND, Alexander King  (01/07/1903)   BRUNSDEN, Thomas Henry (1909)   BRYAN, Daniel   (09/03/1897)    BULMAN, Keith Noel          BULMAN, Vere James Frederick (1903)    BURGAN, Clarence Frederick  (05/05/1916)       BURGAN, Frederick Galloway (24/05/1895)    BURGESS, Fred (1907)      BURLEY, Hugh Lauder (1908)    BURNETT, Alexander  (19/06/1876)     BURNS, William Noble (1905)    

CADDY, Donald  (05/11/1899)  CAIN, Henry Roy (1906)  CANTY, Daniel  (26/08/1877) CASERTO, Veto  ( 06/06/1897)  CASTELLO, Rosario (03/09/1899)  CHAPRONIERE, Henry Stanley (1905) CIANCI, Domenico (1883)   CLAYDON, John William (22/12/1897) CLINTON, James (1880)   COATES, George Frederick (1903)   COCHRANE, James (05/11/1886)  COCHRANE, James Thompson (1883) COLLINS, Thomas (02/04/1897)   CONSIDINE, Leo David (09/08/1908)    CONSOLINO, Giuseppe (01/01/1990)  COOK, Frank (1901)  COOK, William  (12/02/1885)    COOTER, Stanley Ralph (1903)   COBETT, Michael James (1906)  CORBETT, Thomas Patrick (08/08/1877) CORBETT, Thomas Patrick  (8/11/1901) CORNWALL, James Arthur (1884) COSGRAVE, Alfred John (1878) COTTER, John Jack (1910) COULSON, Harry William Oliver (1882) COX, Harold William (1909) CRAFT, R  CRAMERI, Eugene Dominic (04/06/1914) CRAMERI, Joseph Francis  (1907) CRIPPS, Regional Edward  (26/01/1912) CUMMING, Alan  (06/07/1905)

D’FLORA, Matteo (1897) DON, James Gilbert  (30/12/1894) DONOVAN, Charles John (1885) DUGGAN, Raymond Stacey (08/02/1890) EDWARDS, Henry  (1906) ELLIOTT, Cecil (1886 or 1888)   ELSEGOOD, T.A.   ENGLISH, Thomas Joseph (25/06/1903) EPPS, Ernest William  (23/01/1906)  ESLER, John William Leslie  (28/10/1899) FECNHER, Edgar Phillip (1896) FECHNER, Edgar Phillip  (20/10/1896) (2 different records for Edgar Fechner)  FECHNER, William (1905) FELLHAUER, William (1899) FLESTEAD, Clifford John Stanley (09/04/1896) FERRARO, Gregoro ( 12/02/1899) FIELD, Michael Joseph (30/10/1882) FLANAGAN, Harry Albert (1894) FLENTJAR, Alfred William (1912) FLENTJAR, Alfred William (20/11/1911) FLENTJAR, Leslie James (1908) FLENTJAR, O   FRANKLIN, William James (1907) FLOOD, Percy (11/03/1881) GALLAGHER, W    GALLENTI, Desiderio (07/05/1906) GALLENTI, Saverio (08/09/1881) GALLENTI, Sebastiano (1911)  GANDOLFO, Sebastiano (1900)  GARBELLINI, William Peter (16/10/1895) GIBSON, Alexander (1897)     GILLAN, Thomas (1867)    GIULIANO, Giovanni (1887)     GLASHEEN, Edward John (1893)  GLASHEEN, Edward John (26/04/1893) (2 different records for Edward John Glasheen)  GLEESON, Clarence Michael  (02/04/1889)
 GORRIE, John Callaghan (19/07/1894) GRANT, Albert Harold (1903) GRIFFIN, Keith Albert (1917) GRIFFITHS, Henry  (18/08/1897) GROVER, Alfred Henry (1869)
GRUNDY, Reginald Henry   (18/08/1906) GUNTON, Vernon (1912)

HARVEY, John  (10/03/1888 or 10/03/1898)  HAWKINS, Elvin Thomas (1906)  HEALY, Pierce Edward (1912)  HENDERSON, David Metcalfe (1876)   HENNESSY, James  (08/07/1892) HICKEY, Michael John (14/02/1865)   HILLIER, Robert Vincent  (15/12/1889)    HOLLAND, A.W.

JACKSON, George Amess (1915) JENNINGS, Keith  (1905) KING, Frederick (1911) LEACH,  C.F LOVEDAY, William (1885) MARIO, Dorio  (1901) MARTIN, John   (02/03/1902) MATHESON, R.L   MAYNARD, Bernard James   (01/11/1905) McCARTEN, Malcolm Douglas (1909)  McCOLL, J.D.M.   McDERMOTT, James    McDERMOTT,  Phelin Thomas (25/12/1900) McEVOY, Thomas  (1890) McFARLANE, Walter (1882) McLEAN, Alexander (1893) McKENZIE , A.   McKENZIE, John George (1893) McQUADE, John   (1873 or 1875) McQUIRE, John   MELROSE, A.T   MILLS, John Beatson  (02/10/1912) MOORE, James Henry  (1879) MORGAN, Leslie Alexander  (19/08/1906) MORGAN, William Frank  (03/06/1914)  MORGAN, William John (1870)    MULLENBACH, Anton (1889)  MURCOTT, Alfred William (25/06/1904)       MURPHY, John James  (1883)  MURRAY, Henry George (1907)  MURRAY, Martin Frances  (15/10/1882)   MUSGROVE, Harry Cyril   (16/07/1890)       
NELSON, Arthur Stephen (1899)     NICHOLS, John Frederick (1883)  NIX, Martin  (1885)       NORTH, A.E    O'BRIEN, Denis    OGIER, Jack Bernard  (12/05/1907)     O'LOUGHLAN, Michael James  (07/09/1899)    PARKER, Gerald Percival  (08/07/1898)        PAYNE, George Daniel P (21/06/1916)     PEARSON, R.G.   PEDERSEN, Henry Andrew and  Beatrice   PERGANDI, W   
PERKINS, Thomas Wedge (1899)   PETERSON, Gordon Victor (1896)   PETERSON, William Magnus  (08/05/1913)    POLGLASE, A.R.    POLLOCK, James Jim  (1895 or 1896)
POWELL, G.W.   PRESTON, Henry   (14/07/1879)  PRIESTLEY, C.T and P.   PROSSER, Leslie Henry  (11/11/1896)

QUARRELL, Ivor James (1904)     RANDLE, H.G.    REES, Charles Robert (25/06/1912) RICHARDS, John Burnard Bernard  (15/01/1875)   RICHARDSON, William David (1900) RICHMOND, Arthur  (07/02/1893)   RIDGWAY, John Alfred  (1844)  ROBERTS, Edgar (31/01/1897)  ROWLANDS, Arthur James (20/07/1870)  RULE, George W

SANDS, Alfred Walter (1899) SARGENT, Benjamin  (08/10/1892) SAVAGE, Francis Frank William (1894) SAVAGE, Patrick Leslie  (07/07/1897) SCOTT, Michael Edwin (1901) SCOTT, Thomas James (1887) SCOTT, Walter Alfred  (1908)  SEELAF, George (1914)  SEELAF, George  (02/03/1884) SHARP, E.G    SHEA, Arthur Patrick (1873) SPRINGFIELD, Fredrick Arthur Courtney (1911 or 1912) SPRINGFIELD, Jeffrey William Manning  (18/09/1903) SKANE, Leonard George  (24/05/1901) STEEN, Andrew John  (30/11/1903) STENGEL, Louis  (12/08/1878) STRAHAN, David Dalmahoy  (03/05/1903) SWEET, George Mathew (06/07/1914) SWEET, John Henry (31/05/1909)

TALBOT, Walter (1897) TETLEY, C   TIMMINS, Maxwell John (09/01/1905) TIMMINS, Thomas Joseph  (08/06/1879) THOMPSON, Henry James (1910) TORNEY, William James  (14/02/1910) UREN, Edgar Spencer Still (1887)  WAKEFIELD, Alexander George (26/07/1902)  WARLOW, Victor James (1907)  WARREN, George  (1911)  WHITE, William  (17/03/1897)  WHITEHURST, John  (1907)  WILDE, Meg   WILLIS, James Christopher  (1884)   WILLIAMS, John Wilks  (1874) WILSON, Donald Alexander   (1905)   WILSON, Horace William  (1910) WILSON, Reginald William Hall (1899)  WILSON, Sydney  (1913) WITHEROW, Laurence   WOODS, Mark Phillip (1910) WRAIGHT, Harry Thomas (1889) WREGG, Leslie Frank Theodore (04/08/1902) YEOMANS, Leslie  (1906) ZAPPULLA, Stephen  (1915)

Monday, 3 August 2015

Cranbourne Shire Naturalization ceremony, 1960.

The Koo-Wee-Rup Swamp Historical Society had a pile of old Koo-Wee-Rup Suns dumped on their doorstep a while ago. Like all old newspapers they are interesting and slightly addictive reading. I came across this article from the paper of December 14, 1960 which talks about a Shire of Cranbourne Naturalization Ceremony held at the Memorial Hall in Koo-Wee-Rup. 

It is of interest for a number of reasons - firstly it lists the full name and address of each person - obviously no privacy concerns in 1960; secondly it gives us an idea of the main nationalities of the local migrants - Dutch and Italian -  and lastly I love the bit about Mrs Glasscock inviting the ladies to join their local Country Women's Association branch. I am sure they would have been made welcome, but I wonder how many took up the offer.

Koo-Wee-Rup Sun December 14, 1960

37 naturalized at Kooweerup ceremony last Thursday

Australia's march to nationhood was speeded on its way on Thursday evening when 37 people accepted full Australian citizenship at a Naturalization ceremony at the Kooweerup Memorial Hall. Shire President, Mr Russell Smith, administered the oath before a large crowd. Present also were Shire Councillors L.J Cochrane, M.L.A; P.B Fechner;  McL Greaves and H. Evans; Shire Secretary Mr Tom Grant and the Rev Father J. Opie.

Cr Smith congratulated the candidates on the wonderful steps they had taken in becoming Australian citizens and wished them every success in the land of their choice.

Mrs M. Glasscock on behalf of the Kooweerup C.W.A., presented each lady candidate with a spray of flowers and invited then to join their respective C.W.A branches.

Rev Father Opie warmly welcomed the candidates into full  Australian citizenship. He said that the parents had made great sacrifices for their young families who were already full Australians in every sense of the word.

After the ceremony the people present enjoyed a supper provided by the Pre-School Association.

Those naturalized were: Mrs  Elizabeth Catharina Boekel, Bounndary Road, Kooweerup; Petrus Boekel, Boundary Road, Kooweerup; Vito Castello, Salmon Street, Kooweerup; Antonio de Pasquale, Station Street, Kooweerup; Alfridus Johanus Hoogenboom, Olive Road, Devon Meadows; Eugen Kohler, 79 William Street, Cranbourne; Mrs Hedwig Katharina Kohler, 79 William Street, Cranbourne; Mrs Ursula M. Meiberg, 84 Walter Street, Cranbourne; Gaetano Pepe, Station Street, Kooweerup; Mrs Marianna Pepe, Station Street, Kooweerup; Luigi Raffa, 28 Gardiner Street, Kooweerup; Adrianus van den Bogaart, McDonald Drain Road, Kooweerup; Mrs Petronella Gerarda van den Broek, 'Spring Meadows', Clyde North; Mrs Johanna van der Valk, South Gippsland Highway, Tooradin; Johannes van der Valk, South Gippsland Highway, Tooardin; Loduvicus van der Valk, South Gippsland Highway Tooardin; Catharine van der Valk, South Gippsland Highway, Tooradin, Mrs Catharina Susanna van Os, Victoria Road, Pearcdeale; Wilhelm van Os, Victoria Road, Pearcedale; Douwe Winsemius, Pakenham Road, Kooweerup; Miss Janke Winsemius, Pakenham Road, Kooweerup; Mrs Trijntje Winsemius, Pakenham Road, Kooweerup; Mrs Francisca van den Bogaart, Kooweerup.