Thursday, 19 August 2010

Victorian Community History Awards 2010

This blog has won a Commendation in the Victorian Community History Awards. The Awards, are organised by Information Victoria (1)  and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and 'recognise excellence in historical method'. The six Award categories acknowledge that history can be told in many formats, thus prizes are awarded for the Best Collaborative or Community Work; Best Print Publication; Best Audio Visual or Multi Media; Best Exhibit or Display; Best Walk or Tour and Best Community Research or Registers. 

The Award Ceremony took place at the State Library of Victoria on Thursday, August 19 2010 and the awards were presented by Peter Batchelor, Minister for the Arts. It was very exciting and it was fantastic to have our Blog recognised. But, the best part was that there were 153 entries in various formats, all completed in 2009 and whether they won or not, that represents 153 different stories written about Victoria's history and 153 aspects of our shared history researched and recorded for the future. So in the end, the winner is our history and that's a good thing.

(1) They are now organised by the RHSV and the Public Records Office of Victoria


Michelle McLean said...

Congratulations - a well deserved award.

Linda said...

How wonderful - congratulations! Wonderful to see blogs being recognised.

Heather said...

Thanks Michelle and Linda,
It was great to be involved in the Awards Presentation and to met other people involved in writing about abd promoting our History. Maybe this will encourage others to do a blog, because it's such a great medium.
Best wishes,

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

Great news Heather! Congrats, and very well deserved.
Deb & RR team