Wednesday, 6 November 2013


These are more slides from the Shire of Pakenham collection which  I have been scanning.  They were taken in 1993, which isn't that long ago, in some ways, but considering the massive change in this area in the past twenty years they document the changes in Beaconsfield from the country town that it was to the suburb that it is becoming today. 

The old township signs that were erected by the Shire of Pakenham.

Princes Highway, Beaconsfield. The town of Beaconsfield was by-passed with the opening of the Berwick by-pass in December 1983.

The Beaconsfield Railway Station July 1993. The railway station was opened on December 1, 1879.

This building was used as an Antiques store in 1993, but as you can see below, was originally Adamson's hardware store. It is located in Woods Street.

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