Monday, 8 September 2014

Views from the hills: Rose Series post cards.

The Rose Stereograph Co. produced a series of post cards of views of Victoria - they are a great source of historical images  for the local historian and many are available on the State Library of Victoria website In this post we will look at some of these post cards that show views from the hills. They were taken between circa 1920 and 1954.

Beaconsfield Upper - The outlook from Kyogle (a guest house) 
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2098

Beaconsfield Upper - The magnificent view
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2091

Beaconsfield Upper - Outlook over Western Port
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2113

Cockatoo - View from Lovely Valley
State Library of Image H32492/2328

Cockatoo - From Pheasant Hill:  a birdseye view of of Cockatoo
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2166

Emerald - A magnificent panorama of hill and dale.
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2122

Emerald - A glorious panorama
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2130
Emerald - View from the new road
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2320

Emerald  - West Gembrook Road
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/2119

Gembrook - Panorama of Gembrook
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/6117

Gembrook - View showing Beenak Ranges
State Library of Victoria Image H32492/4108

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