Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Webb Street, Narre Warren - 1990s

These are photographs of Webb Street Narre Warren, taken in the 1990s, by the City of Berwick (when Councils focused on the traditional 3 Rs - Roads, Rates and Rubbish) Back in the days before large shopping centres such as Fountain Gate, which opened in March 1980, and Centro at Cranbourne, which opened in 1979, were built, people used to do all their shopping at strip shopping centres such as Webb Street or High Street in Cranbourne or Main Street in Pakenham. If you wanted something special you went to Dandenong to the shops or the market or even 'into town' i.e. Melbourne.

This is Webb Street in 1992. You can see the Signal box from the Narre Warren Railway Station in the back ground. The Signal box is now at Myuna Farm. The Railway Station moved from original location (west of Webb Street) to current location (east of Webb Street) in 1995. 

Almost the same view as above, but a better view of the Signal box, early 1990s.

Webb Street, early 1990s. If the sign is accurate then this must have been taken before November 1992 as this was when the Narre Warren Library moved from Malcolm Court to next to the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. 

This is Bailey's supermarket, taken in 1992

This is a bit earlier than the other photos but shows, on the right, Bailey's supermarket, being constructed. The main building is the old cool store, which is being demolished. Some car fans have dated some of the cars in this photo -  a 1977 Torana Sunbird, a post 1978 Datsun 200B and possibly a 1977 Corolla and the green car in the centre is a HG Monaro - now apparently worth $100,000! Anyway, these identifications date this photo to at least the late 1970s. 

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