Monday, 6 May 2019

Hampton Park land sales

This is the earliest advertisement that I could find for land sales in Hampton Park, it was in the South Bourke and Mornington Journal of July 26, 1917. This Estate was named the “Hampton Park” estate by the developer Edward Victor Jones of the Equitable Building in Melbourne. You can read a short history of Hampton Park, here. This same advertisement was running in the paper until April 1918.

South Bourke and Mornington Journal  July 26, 1917.

The first advertisement in the Melbourne papers was in the first week of August.

The Age August 3, 1917

The land was still being advertised a year later - this time as poultry farms.

The Argus October 24, 1918

This is the advertising poster produced for the Hampton Park Estate -
 'Clean rich virgin soil - Magnificent red gum timber'
State Library of Victoria - click on this link to see the original on the SLV website of download a high-resolution copy -

This is an enlargement of the sub-division plan from the advertising poster - Pound Road is at the top, Somerville Road, in the centre and what would be Fordholm Road at the bottom - the road on the left is South Gippsland Highway.

A lovely rural scene - one of the photos from the poster

One of the magnificent river red gums

Somerville Road perhaps? Is this Mr E.V. Jones? Perhaps.

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