Friday, 21 December 2007

Preserving family treasures

Your family would own many precious historical documents and items. You might have a collection of old photographs, papers from Grandpa's business, old love letters or letters sent back from the Front in the First World War, Grandma's wedding dress or even Aunty Joan's 1950s belle of the ball gown.

There are many useful Internet sites with information on preserving your family treasures. The Collections Australia network is the public gateway to Australian Collecting Institutions such as Museums and Galleries Type in ReCollections in search box. ReCollections provides professional advice for the preventative care of items such as books, photographs, papers, leather, wood and textiles such as clothing or embroideries.
The State Library of Victoria also provides information on correct storage of precious books, papers and photographs. Click on Services then Conservation advice then Information guides or follow this link
Finally the National Archives of Australia The N.A.A provides a range of preservation information. Click on Records Management then Secure, store and preserve or follow this link

Proper storage of family treasures will help preserve them for future generations. Sadly, we no longer have Grandma's wedding dress, but this is the wedding photograph of my Grandparents, Joseph Rouse and Eva Weatherhead, who were married at the Methodist Church at Garfield on November 22nd, 1922.

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